Spring Festival Project Result

Hello all --
Finally my holiday come to an end and I'm sad to annouce nearly nothing was done!
I spent four days on model improving and one days on website upgrading, now the website looks beautiful but the model needs to be improved (greatly, I'm afraid, for it makes many mistakes these days).
I have to annouce no model will be upgrade or released until I have finished my university examination in June. The four day I've develop two new improve version of Model-V2 but none of them is release-able. Certainly, no features will be added as well.
Thankfully I could annouce the website have been upgrade totally and FAQ has been released. Requests will be preceed tomorrow.
Best to all,

Developing plan in Spring Festival Holiday

Hello all,
Now the biggest fesival in China -- Spring Festival -- is approaching, I'll be able to have four days off at home (usually we student could have 20+ days off but now in Senior III we could only have four). Certainly the development of 7Timer! will be a big part in my holiday activity plan. Now I list all senior problems of 7Timer! here, I'm trying to solve all these problem but it seems to be a mission impossible. However I'll try my best, and if you have any comments, please let me know.


1. Cloud Cover Model
In Model-V2 the cloud cover model is still not very good, I've notice sometimes the observation is higher than the predition. In Model-V1 obs is always lower but now is sometimes higher, that means something still needs to be set again. I could not make sure if I could release Model-V3 in just four days, e.g. Model-V2 spent me over 1-month to test and adjust, so you may not be able to use Model-V3 before August. However, an improve version of Model-V2 is still possible.

2. Transparency Model
It needs a big improvement -- though I think it's not so inaccurate as cloud cover prediction, but when there is a long haze/fog/smog time, it will be inaccurate, I'm trying to solve this problem, but I do not have obs data of the world from NOAA, I think the problem could not be solved completely.


I'm working on new features developing, because it seems this prt is easier to cover. All new features are in Forecast Map, it will be upgrade with the new look of Forecast Map page.


I'm also working on this but I'm afraid not all pages could be upgraded by the end of the holiday.


I'm trying to cover all "most" frequently ask questions by the end of the holiday.

All right, that's all, seems it's a difficult job to cover all above! And there're many homework to do in the holiday, so I could not promise I could cover even half of them. However I'll cover them as many as possible.
Happy Chinese new year to all,

Hoofddorp and Orp problem solved,

Hi Rob, and all,
The problems in Hoofddorp and Orp were fixed, both are commanding error, I apologize for these mistakes.
And Rob, as I'm unable to send you a mail (all mails to you have been returned), I could only post here to inform you your problem was fixed.

7Timer!s update/Jan 22

Hello all,
Now I finally have time to process these requests!
Winter holiday is coming, but we only could have four days free, instead of 20 days... so let me see what I can do for 7Timer! in the four days.

Added 7Timer!s:

United Kingdom Salcott
浙江省 括苍山 [Note: 7Timer! in China]
云南省 玉溪市 [Note: 7Timer! in China]
London, England
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Romania Bucharest
Sweden Linkoping
United Kingdom Newcastle under Lyme
Spain Sevilla
台湾地区 台北县林口乡 [Note: 7Timer! in China]

Problem requests

浙江省 7Timer!地点 [请给出具体地点]
广东省 广州市军体院 [请直接使用广州市的晴天钟]
广西壮族自治区 南宁 [已存在]

That's all. The next day of update would be Feb.1 (approximately, I'll inform you all if the day changes.)


·目前负责SOHO彗星确认工作的Karl Battams计划继续进行STEREO彗星确认工作。SOHO彗星将和STEREO彗星共用一个网站。

Tammisaari/Ekenas problem solved.

Hello Hakan, and all,
The problem at Tammisaari/Ekenas has been solved. The name still use "Tammisaari/Ekenas"... there's no problem out there at all, why the image was unable to come out is because I've made the image name wrong ;-) Now it's okay. I should say sorry for this low class mistake. The 7Timer! should be available after... about 11-12 h UT today.
And all, please note if you find something goes wrong, please let me know at once... I'll give you an answer as soon as I can.

Request page of English version has been upgrade

Hello all,
I'm glad to annouce the request page of English version has been upgrade to the new version.
Now I'm going to upgrade the condition of the program's page, and write some FAQ... the newly-written FAQs will be first post here.

Today's problem solved.

Hello all,
The admin just informed me that he had solved the problem, now today's auto-run project has just been completed. Enjoy!
If you find any mistakes/problems, feel free to mail me.

Problem detected

Hello all,
After a short contact with the auto-run system arthor Zuqiang, we've detected where the problem locates:

sda2: write failed, user block limit reached.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
sda2: write failed, user block limit reached.

Maybe the 7Timer! space limit reached. I've contact the admin for this problem. Anything new will be post here.

7Timer! Auto-run program down

Hello all,
I've just discovered the auto-run program was down for over 15 hours. Now I'm going to locate where the problem is, please be patient...