Requests proceed... Octo.30

Hello all,
Finally I have time to process those requests. Process list:

Have been proceed:

Fribourg, Switzerland
Welwyn, UK
Koenigsleiten, Austria
Munich, Germany
Aalborg, Denmark
Santana do Livramento, Brazil
Vacaria, Brazil
Orp, Brabant, Belgium

Have not been proceed:

广州[Request in China]: 已存在
Tupanciret茫: What's this and where is it? Please give your *detail* infomation.
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: A place, not a province.

The time of next update will be the Sunday after next Sunday.

Octo.23: Process delay...

Hello all,
Because some technical problems, the process of 7Timer! requests would have to be delay to Octo.30. We're sorry for the incovenience.
Thank you for your supporting,
7Timer! Group

Update: Oct.16

Hello all,
Now these requests have been process:

吉林市昌邑区 (Request from China)

I've plan to upgrade the "request" page this weekend, but busy, busy busy... and I'm only be able to upgrade the Chinese one, so the request page is still old-looking, hope I'll have time to finish that job...
After that there're still "how to use" and "conditon" page to upgrade. Then, I'll have time to see the problems in currently using model.
Happy using,


[新彗星] 美国基特峰天文台太空搜索计划的李德发现暗淡的新彗星P/2005 T3 (Read)。勒蒙山天文台的克里斯坦森发现暗淡的小彗星P/2005 T2 (Christensen)
[流星雨] 天龙座流星雨并没有出现强活动,但却出现了一些较小的活动,其中最高ZHR达30左右。此外,猎户座流星雨将在下周末达到极大,具体观测信息可看

Date (Oct) Solarlong nINT nGIA ZHR +-
06 19:20 193.5640 4 2 2.0 1.1
07 16:00 194.4114 2 2 4.1 2.4
07 18:50 194.5291 5 4 2.5 1.1
08 14:10 195.3250 2 7 19.5 6.9
08 16:10 195.4026 6 18 34.3 7.9
08 18:30 195.5016 10 49 15.3 2.2
08 19:50 195.5589 8 8 4.0 1.3
08 21:50 195.6417 8 7 3.7 1.3
09 07:10 196.0252 4 2 2.6 1.5

I might be the first one of China

[Short News] With Rob Matson's very help, I was able to detect my QY5A1A up to five nights.
QY5A1A was discovered on Octo.1, and it had been put into X-asteroid list because the shortage of observations, I only had two nighters before Rob detected the other three.
Now I've sent it to MPC and wait for their response. If it is, I will be the first on in China in NEAT region, and the first one in China who have discovered SOHO, FMO and NEAT.
Thanks very much to Rob, and crossing fingers for its designation.
(note: More info will be out after the object gets designation)

News... Octo.8


Hello all, there're some news come out here...
1. Because I'm very busy these days, the upgrade of our model will delay (actually I think the current one works well).
2. Because of the National Day holiday, on Octo.8/9 I have to be at school. My next holiday is Octo.16 (Sunday), so I'll process all the new requests on Octo.16.
Thank you for your understanding,
7Timer! Group.


[新彗星] 9月30日,麦克诺特在赛丁泉天文台的搜索计划中发现了一颗18.5等的小彗星,编号为C/2005 S4 (McNaught)。同日,麦克尔·里德也在太空监测计划中发现一颗新彗星,后来被证实具有周期轨道,周期是11.5年,命名为P/2005 S3 (Read)。29日,洛维尔天文台的斯基夫发现的P/2005 S2 (Skiff),则要到2008年才过近日点,它的周期可能是19.8年。
[流星雨] 天龙座流星雨将在明天达到极大,但根据目前的预测,流量将非常的小,每小时天顶流量在1颗以下。

7Timer! Update... and apology

Hello all,
I finally pause my NEAT asteroids research... seems if you've start it you'll be difficult to stop it. And, I finally process the requests. I guess some of the requesters might want to know how the weather would be when the solar eclipse occur. If so, I apologize for the delay. However, the eclipse is great, I watch the live from Spain and Tunisia. There're two English 7Timer!s too, eh... if Liverpool won over Chelsea I might be able to update your 7Timer! earlier but they didn't... :-P

Madras, India
York, England, U.K.
Sleaford, England, U.K.
Nairobi, Kenya
Maribor, Slovenia.

天台平桥 [这个晴天钟已经存在了。] (Request from China)

All the 7Timer!s will be able to use after Octo.4, 11h UT.
Happy using,

October 2 -- Update delay

Hello all,
As the process of NEAT images took me some time, the update of 7Timer! will delay to Octo.3. But all of the requests will be process until 14h UT, Octo.3.

My first X-asteroid

On Octo.1 I discovered an unknown asteroid in NEAT achieve images. Unfortunately, I could not recover it for at least three passes. It looks to be an asteroid indeed, but could not be annouce offically due to its unrecoverable. So I put it into my X-asteroid list, its temp sign is QY5A12.
Another object, named QY5A17, also looks like an asteroid very much, but it's too dim (about 20.7mag), so I do not put it into the X-asteroid list.

COD 644
CON Quanzhi Ye, Guangzhou, China [[email protected]]
OBS R. Bambery, E. Helin, S. Pravdo, M. Hicks, K. Lawrence, R. Thicksten
MEA Quanzhi Ye
TEL 1.2-m Schmidt + CCD
ACK MPCReport file updated 2005.10.01 15:44:19
AC2 [email protected]
QY5A12 C2001 10 28.47259 04 08 26.88 +01 27 33.8 19.9 R 644
QY5A12 C2001 10 28.48315 04 08 26.47 +01 27 30.2 19.7 R 644
QY5A12 C2001 10 28.49355 04 08 26.09 +01 27 27.5 19.6 R 644
----- end -----