Hello all,

  Here are a series of 73P complex. During May 6-12, Lulin Sky Survey had done a 73P-survey, and shot most of the fragments of 73P (only except fragment B and C). The measurements had been sent to CBAT and MPC, and can be found on LUSSEC 11. Now I have collect some of them and share with all, hope you enjoy it.



73P-G on May 10/11, 2006

  Very interesting to see how the third brightest broke in just 24 hours.

73P-AB on May 7/11

  This fragment had been a bright one, however just in four days it became a non-head comet. Not observed on May 12.

73P-AK on May 12

  I haven't been able to collect more images of this fragment. It is further south on the predict position of AK.

73P-AM on May 10/12

  73P-AM is a hero of the complex. Though on the images of May 6/7 it had broken into three pieces, the main one did not show any sign of disappearing until May 12.

73P-AN on May 12

73P-AP on May 7

  Double fragments, however I haven't been able to find it on the images of May 11/12.

(Full-pixel image at http://csc.lamost.org/yeiht/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=318)

73P-AY on May 11