Not surprisingly, we had all overcast thorough the 4-hour party, which held at the North Gate of Sun Yat-sen University on behalf of the 100 Hours of Astronomy. However it's still successful, with hundreds of citizens visited and observed the scenery of Guangzhou by telescopes. The teachers and team leaders came for '09 China Astronomy Olympaid also attend the party.

The private concert held on Apr. 3 for 100 Hours of Astronomy is under the title of "Sky gazers". A total of six privately-composed sky-related compositions are chosen, including "Meteor Storm Overture" (Q. 133), Leonids Suite (Q. 116), Twilight (Q. 132) and "Night of the South Sea" (Q. 82) that to be played for the first time.

Philharmonic Orchestra '92 | Ye Quanzhi

2009 Apr. 3, 22:30 CST at Nanchuan Observatory

Ye Quanzhi
1. Meteor Storm Overture, Q. 133
2. Suite of "Leonids 2001", Q. 116
3. Twilight, Q. 132
4. Mountains in Afterglow, Q. 144
5. Night of the South Sea, Q. 82
6. Coriolis, Q. 119