This landmark would surely don't require any captions...

This landmark would surely don't require any captions...

Look at that! A boy with a big bag walks in a tremendous speed along the famous Time Square 42nd Street, hey, I'm feeling rather cool. Here is the Big Apple, City of New York!

Hong Kong has a nickname, goes "Asian World City", now here is New York, absolutely the American World City. Walking down at 42nd Street, I have heard at least 6 languages -- English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese in 5 minutes time. I'm even be recornized as a New Yorker, answering questions about how to go to the Bus Terminal for five times during my 3-day visit. I got surprise about how many non-European faces I have found in the subway trains, but surely a large fraction of them are New Yorkers! By the way, the New York subway system is also the most complex subway system I have ever encountered, even compare to the Tokyo's. Their entrances are difficult to find. My sense of direction gets quite a challenge here.

I could never imagine that a big city can be magical, but Big Apple does! Just pay a visit to the overcrowded Wall Street and downtown Manhattan, and the colorful Time Square 42nd Street and Broadway at night, then peaceful the Central Park. Even no need to mention the Statue of Liberty, unimaginable-large Musuem of Natural History and Mentropolitan Musuem, or the Empire State Building.

The last night at New York I went to the Carnegie Hall for a performance by Philadelphia Orchestra, my first oversea concert. I'll write about that later.

Okay, my blog writing is always behind schedule -- I'm now going to the railway station to catch the train from Boston to Washington now. It appears there are not much to see at Washington and Philadelphia (to be accurate, that's because I'm adviced to be stayed at the hostel at night by many friends at those cities. I hang out in New York and Boston at everynight night, but Washington and Philadelphia are said to be much more dangrous, so I must take care on this). Certainly there are lots photos but I suppose many of you have already seen many NYC photos, so I will temporary hold them for later process instead of post for hurry.