Hello all,
I apologize - due to a bug in the auto-send system, all the requests which wrote before Sept.7, 11 UTC were not send.
Here is a list of all requests I've recived, if your request(s) did not appear in the list, please send it again here or use the auto-send system.
2005-09-7 12:38: Jakutsk, Russia
2005-09-07 22:58: Povoa de Varzim, Porto, Portugese. (Bomdia, but please notice which is "longitude" or "latitude" next time :-)
2005-09-08 03:18: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I'm very sorry for this inconvinience. And thank you for your support, I'm very glad that there're many global users come.
And, as a special note, these requests will be process on Saturday/Sunday. However, you'll be able to see these 7Timer! before next Monday.

-7Timer! Group