On one starry night at Kitt Peak, the Advanced Observing Program was well underway. After setting the camera up to begin imaging our first object, I instructed the telescope to slew towards its final destination. After a few moments I heard sounds which elicit dread in the hearts of telescope operators everywhere. The strange noises began with a soft “bink clink clink clink” and ended with mysterious “somethings” falling to the floor with a definitive “plit plot!” Not wanting to look concerned in front of the paying customer; I silently held my breath and illuminated the floor with a flashlight. I fully expected to see small sprockets and gears glistening beneath my feet- but no hardware was there! I did find something though. Scattered on the floor were small acorns and I had no idea from whence they came! In disbelief I randomly moved the telescope in Right Ascension and, sure enough, more acorns fell to the floor. Inside the hollow of the east fork arm I found a collection of a dozen acorns. Moments later, after cleaning out the stash, a small mouse skittered up the pier and came to stop between my feet. For one brief moment we stared at each other and telepathically the mouse seemed to say with a sneer “Thanks a lot buddy!” Then the bold creature ran out of the observatory, never to be seen again.

-- Adam Block, http://mstecker.com/pages/appblock.htm.