It has been three weeks since last update. The new Auto-run Pipeline is partly completed, and the models of cloud cover, seeing, transparency, 2-m relative humidity and 4-layer lifted index had been completed. The seeing model is rewrited completely base on much better and much more exact models, so is the model of transparency. Now the transparency has take the absorption of ozone into account, but still not man-made pollution (involved with aerosol, PM2.5, PM10, etc.) yet. Also you will see a 72-hour prediction of 4-layer lifted index, which is a good indicate of unstadabilities of the sky above.

Now the elements of 7Timer!-Panel 3 (there will be three products in the end: Panel 3 for 72-hour astronomical usage, Weatherchart for 384-hour prediction charts, and Weatherman for common-using 384-hour forecast) are: cloud work function (CWF), cloud cover, seeing, transparency, 2-m above ground temperture and relative humidity, 10-m above ground wind speed and direction, 4-layer lifted index, and sky darkness (man-made light pollution considered).

During development phase I, Panel 3, Weatherchart, and a basic web interface (website included) are expected to be completed. Weatherman would be completed in development phase II.