* [019] A Solid F?ck (12/08/2007) (KDnet) In issue 2, volume 16, June 2003 of the Kansu province Economic Administrative Cadre Academy Bulletin, there appeared an essay titled <开拓进取,真抓实干,不断开创西部大开发的新局面>. The author Song Chaosu is the Kansu provincial party secretary and the chairman of the Kansu provincial people's congress standing committee.

In the database, the title of the article was translated into English as: Expand Enterprising and Really Grasp Solid F?ck and Continuously Expand and Great the New Situation of Buildings of Western Region.

If there is a "solid f?ck," it is the translation job. A more appropriate translation is: Develop and Forge Ahead with True Understanding and Effort in order to Continuously Create New Situations to Open Up the Western Region."