Hello all,
Now I've create several candidates and they're under tests. The formal release one will be annouce tomorrow. They'll have these new features:
1. More accurate cloud cover prediction. Though I've checked the output rate in raw GFS data and found there're still something I've no idea on fixing. However I decide to pull-up the predict value, because I think if 7Timer! makes mistakes, a false "overcast" prediction will be better than a false "clear" prediction. Hope this change will pleased most of us.
2. A new ARP (auto-run program) version will be release. Now in this ARP I have to create a 136kB command file for each 7Timer! place. Because now the number of 7Timer!s has exceed 250 and there'is more than 25MB command files, and this number is increasing. Large number command files may cause problems, so I've design a new version of ARP which will save space, the require space would be reduce to less than 700kB.

Most of you may wonder why I don't make changes on transparency. Unfortunately I still don't have a good idea on transparency improving, I must find a way to "save" several elements in earlier data and use them in new forecast preparations. This goal still seems inreachable now. And what's more, several major exam will occur very soon and I'm unable to spend more time on 7Timer!. However, if nothing goes wrong, tomorrow I'll release an improve version of Model-V2, together with a new version of ARP.
Kindly regards,