Sorry for lacking of updates on Lulin, I haven't many stories to tell as the comet speaks itself (herself), what's more, I'm now on a cross-country travel and is always on mobile, so I can't write much. If any of you happens to be at a YHA around Shanghai now, please let me know and we could possibly meet. Now I'm at a YHA hostel at Suzhou.

Okay, I just got a humor. I had mention earlier that I had let myself grow a long hair in order to "simulate" Lulin's tail. However, my parents and my friends don't like it, partly because I don't do make-up and my hair looks like a bad grassfield. A few days ago they found a very good reason for persuading me to cut it short: "Lulin's tail 'brokes'" (see

"Your Lulin reminds you that it's time to cut your hair!" Liaoshan Shi sent me a short message via mobile phone. This is a good humor, I admit, but her trick still doesn't work, I simply make my hair more tousy to make it appeared to be "disconnected"!