I've began my last expedition in Australia today -- visit one of the Holy Lands for astronomer, the Siding Spring Observatory.

I board the train to Gunnedah on Strathfield at a quarter past ten, but the train was not quite convenient, it produced much noise and was late for one hour (yep the reasons are broken trains ahead, cow acrossing ahead and held for signal to give way).

Rob and Donna were waiting me on the platform, then I have dinner with them. After that, exactly at sunset time, we departed from Gunnedah for Coonabarabran, "the astronomical capital of Australia", and then for Siding Spring.

Extraodinary is the only word to describe the scenery along the way.

We took about two hours to arrive Coonabarabran and then Siding Spring. The observatory is surround by kangeroos. I spot at least a dozen around the observatory. Rob showed me around the Uppsala Dome and then guide me to the lodge. I found an female astronomer sitting there enjoying Harry Potter DVD, and Rob and I have a great chat with her on the wizard story.

Scientist still prefer things like Harry Poter should you know.