Just sleep for four hours -- from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and then I woke up, mainly because Grandpa came. "I may bring you to the Manly Coast if you wish -- interest?" I could not say no, although I can hardly open my eyes. They said that Manly Coast is one of the most famous beaches in Sydney region. Uncle John drove grandpa and I to the garden next to the Opera House and then went to work. Grandpa and I had a long walk to the Sydney Central Habour, extraodinary view of the Opera House and Sydney Grand Bridge!

Then we board the ship to Manly, it took us half an hour. Beautiful beaches and clean sea there, I'll write of it in detail later. Then we had a 2-hour long walk and explored the North Head territory. Grandpa is eighty but he keeps a good health, he just look excited about the beautiful scenery during the walk and told me that he moved out for travel nearly every week. Then we board the ship which back to Sydney Central, another extraodinary view of Sydney Habour, nice photo later when I back to China. By the way, I was hit by the bird waste at Manly Beach which is quoted by my grandpa as the "bigest prize".

The next day, or Feburary 20th, it was Uncle Bob who drove me around, we visited several very famous beaches on the south (of Sydney) -- Watson, Lady's Bay, Bondi and so that forth, it's said that Bondi Beach is the most famous one. We visited the University of New South Wales and the bigest park of Sydney downtown (I'll check the name later) too. Lady's Bay is the one which you can get completely naked and swim, you may expect the people there will get shy but -- not them, that's me who get shy, because I look like an alien there -- with all the cloths, shoes, hat, sunglasses on, to protect that poisonense sunlight. If you are not at the "naked bay", you will still find the females on other beaches still prefer to take their bras off, however I've get used to it now. Anyway, the Australian beaches are very beautiful and interesting -- stay tuned for photoes and details.