On 15th I nearly stay at home for a whole day, help on upgrading grandpa's computer, play with Claw (the cat). In the afternoon I visit cousin Sean's school and am able to have an overview of an Australian middle school. Large area of grasses and it seems the students do not have much homeworks to care, most of them were playing on the ground. Many Asian faces there.

In the evening, uncle Zhuang and aunt drove me to the downtown area. I observed a fantastic sunset at the top of the Sydney Tower (well mostly the guys up there are Chinese visitors). Then we went to the Opera House area, the sky was prefectably clear but I did not see the Southern Cross.

Since 16th I've began the overland travel. I've take a 6-hour railway ride to Wagga Wagga, a tiny town to the south boundary of New South Wales, to visit Ashley Chan (Chen Juebin), a former classmate of mine. Now I'm at her house.

Ashley have to do part-time job this afternoon and evening and we do not have much time to talk and look around the Wagga City, so I changed the schedule and decided to stay at Wagga Wagga for another 12 hours. Ashley will drive me to look around of the town in tomorrow morning, and I'll take the XPT train at 1:28 p.m. towards Melbourne to visit Mr. Mattiazzo, an amatuer astronomer which have interests on asteroids and comets, same as me.

I'll get a whole day to visit the downtown area of Melbourne on Monday too. Stay tuned for updates.