When there is a start, there will be an end, so does my tour in Australia.

It's certainly an enjoyable journey, or should say, a out-of-expectation journey. I traveled for more than 5,000 kilometers in just two weeks, visit great places, meet great people, take great photos, all of all are so pleasant. But exciting and remarkable experience needs both good starting and good ending. When I arrive the "truely" home at around midnight on Feburary 29, I can annouce "tour completed!"

Firstly my most grateful thankness goes to my relatives in Australia, my grandpa, uncle John and Bob, my aunties and cousins. I stay in their house and they drove me out to see place of interests. If their helps were not present, a pleasant journey would be impossible for me. The same thankness goes to cousin Sean's cat Claw, she stay with me when I was alone in uncle John's house and we became rather good friends.

Then I would like to thank my dear friend Ashley Chan, and her family -- uncle, auntie, her cousin Karmen and Angela, and their dog, Prince. Thanks them for accommoating and driving me around at Wagga Wagga. For Ashley, I would greatly admire her courage and determination, I would like to pass my best wishes for her in this post as well.

I would like to thank Michael and Angela for the helps they gave during my trip on Melbourne, especially for the b.b.q. kangaroos. Wish them to have a pleasant honeymoon in China.

I would like to thank Simon for showing me around the famours Mt. Stromlo Observatory and the campus of RSAA/ANU.

I would like to thank Robert and Donna, who were so kind to drive for two hours to pick me up from Gunnedah and show me around at Siding Spring. I had also learn a lot from Robert, and extra thanks to him for the poster of Great Comet McNaught, the comet which is his most famous discovery.

I would like to thank Miss. Sue for her great meal.

And thankness also goes to all other people, known or unknown, who have lend me their hands during the great tour.

Although the ending is far from best due to the disappearance of my luggage, I won't let my excitement ruined. Touring diary in Chinese and beautiful photos would be followed after I take time to write and process. Ahh, surely have to wait after I have process all the headache things about the missing luggage with Vivamacau! \_/ and I have to annouce that all the gifts were placed in it...