Hello all,

  With Zuqiang's help, the archive function can now be used.

  Please note, as it will take 44M a day if I copy all the images down, I would only supply the archive survey for 24-hour world wide forecast maps.

  The link is here: http://csc.lamost.org/lzq/archive/YYYYMMDD/wwXXXXXNN.png

  Note: YYYYMMDD is the date, while XXXXX could be these two: cloud or trans. "cloud" would output Cloud Cover forecast and "trans" would output Transparency forecast. "NN" for time: 4(Note it is NOt "04") - 15h; 5 - 18h; 6 - 21h; 7 - 00h (Day+1); 8 - 03h; 9 - 06h; 10 - 09h; 11 - 12h.

  Enjoy. And I have determine to do my "switch" project, and the switch plan will be do (done) tomorrow.