Comet Holmes: like a pig

I spent a whole day on processing the thousands image that the Lulin Ritchey-Chretien taken on Oct. 25/26. Finally the result is out. But I don't get much happier -- Huan said he has found a way to find out what cause the outburst -- well, I must do something on this, too. Now I plan to join the CARA project to measure the dust production rate of Comet Holmes. Tomorrow's mission...

Ok let's focus on our baby. Comet Holmes just keep grown like a pig. But the jets are fantistic, it's my first time to get such a nice image of inner coma of a comet! And I'd like to bring your attention to the color. It's still green on Oct. 25 but is redder on 26th. Spectrum observations are needed...

[[Image: Lulin-Sky-Survey/17p_071025_42_1.png|550|Click to enlarge]]

[[Image: Lulin-Sky-Survey/17p_071025_300_2.png|550|Click to enlarge]]

[[Image: Lulin-Sky-Survey/17p_071026_300_1.png|550|Click to enlarge]]

[[Image: Lulin-Sky-Survey/17p_071026_300_2.png|550|Click to enlarge]]

17P: the comet that shocks astronomy world

17P/Holmes was only a 16mag. faint object in the sky by Octo.20, but observations on Octo.24/25 showed it has brighten by ~1 mega scale, to ~2.0mag.! We could say it's the first time in history that the comet brings us such a big big shock. I took thousands images of Comet Holmes over Octo.24, 25 and 26, by the Lulin Sky Survey 0.41-m Ritchey-Cherien telescope. I've just finished processing of 126 data points on late Octo.25, here is the result:

[[Image:Lulin-Sky-Survey/17p_071025_126.PNG|550|Click to enlarge]]

Note the varied, strong jets from the nulie of the comet, dark spots also come out from the Log/FFT proceed snapshot.

By the way, I caught it with naked eye on late Octo.26, at mag.~3.2. I'll continue mortoning on that boy to see what'll come up. Stay turn for updates.